7DRL – Space Junk Settler – Day 1

Just as I decide I want to make a game a week, I discover the 7 day rogue-like starts today! This is my current idea, though I probably won’t have time to make it as awesome as it is in my head (got a big project on the go at the same time):

“In the dense asteroid field of galactic sector 381b92, broken spaceships are a common occurrence. You are an astronaut, floating freely in zero gravity, trying to piece together enough junk to survive, make it to the next sector, and eventually land on a planet. Your jetpack fuel is running low.

A hex-based physics rogue-like inspired by The Binding of Isaac.”

I’ll do it in Unity, trying out the new 2D stuff. I’ve never done a hex game, so reading about it now. Levels will be procedurally generated, and initially pretty static, but most actions you take will set things in motion. The idea is to have all objects physically simulated between turns, but quantise their positions to hexagonal tiles every turn, maintaining their velocity. You’ll have to choose between changing your velocity with your jetpack, or floating freely through space. You can cling to objects, and bind them together to make a ship or a base.

Maybe you’ll come across other astronauts, and take turns to control them too if they want to help. Building space bases out of debris, you could do with all the hands you can get!


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