7DRL – Space Junk Settler – Day 2

Another four hours or so today. Loving Unity’s new 2D features, although physics seem buggy. Here’s a terrible animated gif of current progress:



  • Character has multiple joints, with pivot points and colliders
  • Basic procedurally generated asteroid field

I used Hexels, a brilliant little free drawing tool, to do all the textures/ sprites.

I think I want to make all the objects only move along the 3 hexagon axes, and move a certain number of hexes per turn, so they exist on the grid at each turn (unlike now where everything is unconstrained).

A subtle visual thing that’s annoying me is the outlines of the objects are thinner than the interior hex outlines. Might draw a thicker line around the outside (which could also be used as a more optimal collision object than every hexagon).


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