7DRL – Space Junk Settler – Day 4


Still not working on gameplay really, but enjoying adding some nice graphics polish! You can see the little animation I did yesterday. Also made a cursor on the hex grid, which the asteroids are now stuck to.

Added multiple layers of dust that parallax around when you scroll the (now scrollable) camera. The far stars stay still, as you’d expect. I did this with 3 cameras, 1 for stars, where the camera doesn’t move, and a perspective (not orthographic camera) for the parallax dust.

This was a weird effect I got trying to get the cameras to play nicely: if you set none of the cameras to have a clear colour, everything from previous frames overlaps in the buffer:



I’m excited to get going on the gameplay, but inevitably after a day’s solid programming tricky problems, the novelty of programming this stuff in the evening kind of wears off! Can’t believe I have only 3 days left!



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