7DRL – Space Junk Settler – Day 6

Beginning to regret how ambitious this project is for the free time I’ve had this week! I started coding sloppier today, game-jam style – who cares about performance if you’ve got nothing to show, right?

Not much progress these last 2 days really – most of my time has been spent fixing bugs in the game “board” coordinate conversions (with 3 coordinate systems, and conversions into and out of each, something was bound to go wrong).

I’ve been working a bit on turn-based gameplay. The way I envisioned before was having an amount of time for each turn, say 3 seconds, then the game would pause and you could decide to use your jetpack or continue on. Having tested this, it feels really jarring to be constantly stopping. So now, the turn continues until you click the mouse (excluding camera panning), then if you click within a certain radius of the astronaut, a force is added relative to how far away you clicked. Your turns increase and fuel decreases, relative to how much force was added.

One design problem is, what to do when the player hits the edge of the hex grid? I think bouncing off would feel wrong, and an “infinite” grid sounds hard to program. Maybe I could move the character to the other side of the screen, asteroids style. Then the camera would have to move of its own accord to keep players from being confused. I suppose the camera tracking the player during turns wouldn’t be bad.

Obligatory screenshot for the day:



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