Final game and postmortem – Space Junk Settler

Woohoo! Week one over, game finished! Well, I implemented maybe 10% of what I had in mind for the game, but that 10% is roughly how I imagined it! And it is kind of rogue-like-like-esque, so I’m pretty happy overall.


Please play here:

and tell me any feedback you have, or tell me what level you got to. You’ll need a mouse. You can click on any tile within a small distance (initially 4 cells, depending on remaining fuel) of the character to use up jetpack fuel and go more towards that direction. Or click the 2 buttons on the hotbar when the game is paused. Other than clicking, you can scroll to zoom in and out, and press space to continue the turn. Your health is displayed in a ring around your profile, and crashing hard into asteroids will lower it. Get to the warp zone to go up a level but take enough fuel with you! If you get stuck, just press restart. Hopefully your screen resolution will work!


What went wrong:

  • Massively overestimated what I could get done in a week. This is probably because I forgot I’d just have the evenings.
  • Did art first, gameplay later. Although the art is usually more appealing after a day’s programming, I should really sort out the final gameplay first if possible.
  • Design wasn’t very well planned – maybe I should think of must-haves as well as a grand vision in future.
  • Named the game without implementing any of the features that name suggests
  • Spent way too long trying to get the hex grid infrastructure less buggy. In the end, it didn’t really need it.
  • Tried to program sort of optimised code – should have optimised for my time, rather than CPU time.
  • Should have spent more time on procedural generation (avoiding asteroids intersecting with you on start-up for example).
  • Should have had a more event-driven infrastructure; lots of time was spent trying to avoid race conditions due to script execution order.

What went right:

  • The turn based mixed with realtime thing was hard to imagine how well it would work, and I played around with a few iterations before settling on this version. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than the alternatives.
  • Last few hours – very productive, adding lots of new features.
  • First day – did lots of research and learned a lot about hex grids. Had brilliant idea to get hex outline. Implemented lots of nice, reusable code.
  • Using hexels to make the art – much better looking (for the amount of time I spent) than anything I could have drawn in Photoshop, or 3D modelled.
  • Coroutines – they are so useful!
  • I managed to finish on time!

Feelings during development:

  • I should really be getting back to my major project
  • D’oh! Maybe 3rd time lucky for all the health bar notches’ positions
  • Debugging line by line requires so much effort!
  • Arg, stop crashing Unity!
  • Yay, it’s less buggy than most of the other games I’ve made!

Thanks for reading, and here’s to next week!


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