Monthly Archives: August 2014

Game jam: River Bank Maze

I spent the weekend at my friend Steve’s house, making a game for Ludum Dare 30:



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The Cooler

screenA dumb game based on a vague memory of watching The Great Escape as a child. But at least I’m back to making little games! Made it in a few hours this week. It’s very nice to be programming again, with fairly easy stuff I can do quickly. Unity’s sprite tools are pretty fantastic, I’ve got to say.

Play here: The Cooler

The rules are, you have to bounce the ball off the ground, then the left wall, then click and hold to catch it. Don’t pull the ball outside the middle rectangle. The “sparkly” bits get you double points! Points accrue after a short amount of time.¬†Press Esc to see your highscore (updated after you fail).

Sorry if the physics when you let go feel weird! The art is pretty awful but hopefully has a bit of charm about it. Thanks for playing!