Spiderman gameplay prototype

I’ve always loved Spiderman 2’s swinging mechanic (on PS2/ Xbox) – it required some skill and was great fun to fly through the skyscrapers, gaining speed and height. I tried to create something similar this weekend in Unity.


It’s pretty difficult to get physics chains to hold a decent weight while not exploding, but for a few hours of tweaking values, I think the gameplay is not too bad! Could do a lot more, and maybe I will, someday. Obviously graphics are just super simple, everything is Unity defaults except for the building grid texture.


  • WASD to move (on ground/ in air/ swinging).
  • Move camera to turn and aim your web.
  • Left Click for left hand web, Right click for right hand web (you can hold both at the same time if you want)
  • Release a web (let go of click) while moving to fling yourself
  • Space to jump and let go of both webs
  • Zoom with scroll wheel (can go first person if you like)
  • You can kind of stick to/ climb walls, but not really




Let me know what you think!

Web build: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32538545/Spiderman/Web/Web.html

Windows exe: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32538545/Spiderman/Spiderman.zip


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