4D Life Drawing

NOT REALLY A GAME… instead, it’s life drawing on a dancing figure – time slows down while you draw. I wanted to get across the urgency I’ve felt in some life drawing classes when asked to “draw this moving figure in 30 seconds”!

Web Build
Mac OS

Controls: click and drag to draw, space commits all the current strokes on the dancer to the page, enter removes ALL strokes. Click the watch to “cheat” and stop/ start time for the dancer. Click the eraser to temporarily hide the dancer and the current strokes on the dancer.Screen03

I made this in a few hours today for Ludum Dare 31, the theme of which is “Entire Game on One Screen”. I thought about making it an actual game, with scores based on how well you are drawing the figure, and a limited supply of strokes, but to be honest, I think it’s hard enough already! Also was tempted to put a musical note on each body part that played as you dragged across the body but thought it probably wouldn’t sound great.


I chose to stop the stroke if it the distance to the last frame’s position is bigger than a certain amount (presumed to be when you draw on a body part overlapping another one). I could have tried to split the stroke up but failed to program that first time and gave up. Before, it looked like you were wrapping the dancer in elastic duct tape, stretching between all her limbs:


Thanks for checking it out! I’d love to see screenshots of anything you make with it 🙂


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